Welcome to Glass Bubble!

Several years ago I attended a stained glass course at my local education centre Swarthmore in Leeds, and I found a passion for creating glass pieces using traditional stained glass techniques - both using copper foil for smaller pieces and lead for larger ones.

After becoming more proficient in the basics, I decided to invest in the equipment I needed to enable me to continue to develop at home - that was the beginning of the journey, after filling all the windows in our home with glass creations, I began to give them away for any occasion!, and then friends and family started to commission pieces, this then led to my doing craft fairs and recently I have begun to sell at Fabrication in Leeds - the positive comments I received encouraged me on at each stage.

And so evolved Glass Bubble - I love the translucent qualities of bubbles and although most of my work is nothing what so ever to do with bubbles, it seemed as good a name as any!

I find that I have a constant stream of creations waiting in my mind - and often the only thing keeping them there is the time it takes to make them reality. It is a time consuming process and many of the pieces that I make are often very delicate and fragile.

The photos included are examples of things I have made over the years - most of these are one off, but can be recreated, although never exactly the same… I am happy to consider commissions too - email me with requests/queries/comments on:

I hope that you like what you see!


To see examples of Lucy's work in Leeds City Centre please visit Fabrication Crafts Ltd in
Unit A20
The Light
LS2 8NG.

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